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 Workplace Authors tend to write books that can be applied in day to day running of a business or organisations. Most of these books focus on motivation, well guidance and running of the organisation and moral standards to adhere in a workplace setting. Authors of these books mostly focus on how leadership can be integrated with other disciplines such as morals and ethical values.


From the leadership perspective, others tend to write on how company leaders focus on having good morals at the work place. This encompasses on how they delegate their day to day jobs, e.g. avoiding corruption, rightfully treating every employee, following the code of conduct laid down by the company policy doing business in a rightful manner.it is also state on how the organizations and business leaders ought to carry themselves in a business settings to be able to set good example for the existing employees to follow.


Through their books, the authors also emphasise the need for companies to have good ethics .this a judgment on what is right to do or what is not right to do. It teaches and set values to business leaders and organisations the standards they are to follow in delegating their roles in a company set up. A good work ethics sets principles that the employees of a company will be motivated to follow to achieve their day to day activity. This starting from the leaders they demonstrate good work ethics by, always arriving on time, doing their job as required by the company guidelines, assisting employees whenever they have a problem and equal treatment of employees regardless of their status background or even ethnicity. Know about christian ethics here!


Books from these authors also carry a larger portion on motivation. They detail on things the business leaders can do to motivate their staff so that they can become more productive and also get to appreciate the work they do. This can by salary increment, using loyalty programs to motivate employees, awarding best-achieving employee etc. These motivational books also help employees to strive in achieving their goals and also feeling the need of being appreciated for the work they do since lack of motivation sometimes can lead to poor performances from the labour force hence low productivity. Know how to be a great employee here!


In general workplace, authors give guidelines on how to run businesses in and ethical manner setting moral standards that can be followed by everyone in the organisation. This, in the end, will make everyone in the organisational to adhere to the code of conduct and be highly motivated as they pursue their day to day work.